System requirements


In order to view webcasts, a PC not older than 5 years or a smartphone not older than 2 years is required.


We recommend that you visit our website using a computer with the newest operation system installed, i.e. Microsoft (Windows), Apple (macOS) or the products of other manufacturers.

Minimum requirements for browsers:

  • Chrome (version: 65)
  • Edge (version: 16)
  • Firefox (version: 60)
  • Safari (version: 10)
  • (No versions of Internet Explorer are supported)

Mobile versions:

  • Chrome (version: 63)
  • Safari (version: 10)


Optimálisan 5Mbps letöltési irányú sávszélességre van szükség a HD adás megtekintéséhez. Ennél kisebb sávszélesség esetén a közvetítés alacsonyabb minőségre válthat, esetleg szakadozhat.


In case your computer or smartphone meets the above listed requirements and you encounter problems, we suggest that you should perform any of the following steps.

Restart your browser with addons/plugins disabled

In the browser menu, click on Help, then select the Restart with Add-ons Disabled option. The browser will now restart.

We recommend using an Incognito Window. You can open an Incognito Window by accessing the menu in the top right corner of the browser and clicking the New Incognito Window option.

You can disable addons/plugins one by one in the Options menu.